March is a wonderful month for checking the garden, Things are happening so fast that no one day is like another. The tiny apple green leaves unfurling, the pure white snowdrops and amethyst crocus, the golden daffodills and the red satin tulips.

This is when You say "Oh yes, I love my garden".

Dear Members and Garden Friends
For garden fun and garden know-how, wherever you live, please join us in our activities in the upcoming year.

MEETING: Wednesday, March 8, 9:30 AM
North DeKalb Cultural Center, Room 4

PROGRAM: “Hummingbirds”
Atlanta Audubon Society

Voting for Member of the Year

Coffee and Refreshments 9:30-10:00
Meeting 10:00-11:00

North DeKalb Cultural Center, Room 4
5339 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road
(next to the Dunwoody Library)

for more info contact

"Each leaf,
each blade of grass
vies for attention.
Even weeds
carry tiny blossoms
to astonish us."
Marianne Poloskey, Sunday in Spring

"The air is like a butterfly
With frail blue wings.
The happy earth looks at the sky
And sings."
Joyce Kilmer, Spring

DeKalb Federation of Garden Clubs

Check out the calendar of the Garden Club of Georgia for new and interesting events

The News of Redbud District

Walter Reeves page for
Gardening Events around town for March

Please check out "Gail the Gardener" column on the Redbud website. Go to and click on Education, then Gail the Gardener. Also Renee Hopf has a very nice Birds and Bees page. Lots of good info on this site.

We need spring.   We need it desperately and, usually, 
we need it before God is willing to give it to us.
Peter Gzowski, Spring Tonic

The beautiful spring birds are always welcome

"The first day of spring was once the time for taking the young virgins into the fields, there in dalliance to set an example in fertility for nature to follow.  Now we just set the clocks an hour ahead and change the oil in the crankcase."  
E.B. White, "Hot Weather," One Man's Meat, 1944   

For more information, contact:

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